11 January 2024

Assam Direct Recruitment Previous Year Question Paper with Answer Key

Welcome to our blog jobsjone.com, where we're here to help you get ready for exams. Many candidates have taken the examination, and now they are eagerly searching for the Assam Direct Recruitment Grade IV Answer Key 2022.

We're focusing on the ADRE Question Paper 2022, and it's very important for Assam direct recruitment exam. If you're looking for info about previous years' question papers for Assam direct recruitment, you're in the right place. We want to give you a good look at the SLRC Previous Year Question Papers or ADRE Previous Year Question Paper with Answer key, talking about both the questions and the answers in an easy way.ADRE Previous Year solve Question Paper especially for Grade IV Paper 1 or SET-ASo, those candidates who are looking for the Assam Direct Recruitment Grade IV Answer Key 2022 can check this page. Assam Direct Recruitment Grade IV Solved Answer Key 2022.

Assam Direct Recruitment Previous Year Question Paper Solve

Recently, the board has announced a notification for the post of Grade III and Grade IV. A huge number of candidates have applied for the posts. So read properly to get succes in your ADRE exam. Here we provide the Assam Direct Recruitment Previous Year Question Paper [Solved].

Grade IV - SET - A or Paper 1 Answer Key

1. The Victoria memorial is situated in

A) Kolkata 

B) New Delhi 

C) Mumbai 

D) Bhopal

Answer: A) Kolkata

2. In which track and field sports does Hima Das participate ?

A) Triple Jump

B) Long distance run

C) Sprints, Short distance

D) Hurdles

Answer: C) Sprints, Short distance

3. Who was awarded the “Assam Baibhav” award in December, 2021 ?

A) Jitendra Nath Goswami

B) Ratan Tata

C) Ratan Thiam

D) Amalprava Das

Answer: B) Ratan Tata

4. Narendra Modi Stadium is situated in

A) Baroda

B) Surat

C) Mehsana

D) Ahmedabad 

Answer: D) Ahmedabad

5. What does LAD stand for in MPLAD Scheme ?

A) Local Asset Development 

B) Local Area Development

C) Leading Asset Development

D) Local Area Distribution

Answer: B) Local Area Development

6. On whose birthday is Abhiruchi Sports Day celebrated in Assam ?

A) Bhogeswar Baruah

B) Monalisa Baruah (Mehta)

C) Hima Das

D) Radha Govinda Baruah

Answer: A) Bhogeswar Baruah

7. Which one of the following places connect Assam with Arunachal Pradesh ?

A) Dirak

B) Baxirhat

C) Dimapur

D) Jorhat

Answer: A) Dirak

8. Who was the first person from Assam to clear the Indian Civil Service (ICS)
Examination ?

A) Jamchonga Nampui

B) Anundoram Barooah

C) Hem Chandra Baruah

D) Parvati Prasad Boruah

Answer: B) Anundoram Barooah

9. Who put forward the law of physics that “Every action has an equal and
opposite reaction” ?

A) Benjamin Franklin

B) Michael Faraday

C) Sir Isaac Newton

D) Albert Einstein

Answer: C) Sir Isaac Newton

10. What is the capital city of Zimbabwe ?

A) Nairobi

B) Harare

C) Cairo

D) Khartoum

Answer: B) Harare

11. What is the currency of United Arab Emirates (UAE) ?

A) Ruble

B) Dinar

C) Dirham

D) Shekel

Answer: C) Dirham

12. Between which two towns is the Naranarayan Setu situated ?

A) Tezpur and Kaliabor

B) Nagaon and Jorhat

C) Jogighopa and Pancharatna

D) Dibrugarh and Dhemaji

Answer: C) Jogighopa and Pancharatna

13. Who was the last king of the Ahom Kingdom ?

A) Chandrakanta Singha

B) Jogeswar Singha

C) Kamaleswar Singha

D) Purandar Singha

Answer: D) Purandar Singha

14. Laxminath Bezbaruah’s poem “O’ Mor Apunar Desh” was first published in

A) Bahi

B) Orunodoi

C) Jonbiri

D) Jonaki 

Answer: A) Bahi

15. Bangkok is the capital city of

A) South Korea

B) Philippines

C) Indonesia

D) Thailand 

Answer: D) Thailand

16. Who was the Chief Minister of Assam immediately after Gopinath Bardoloi ?

A) Bimala Prasad Chaliha

B) Sarat Chandra Singha

C) Bishnuram Medhi

D) Golap Borbora

Answer: C) Bishnuram Medhi

17. Where was the first medical college of Assam established ?

A) Jorhat

B) Guwahati

C) Silchar

D) Dibrugarh

Answer: D) Dibrugarh

18. Which of the following places is adjacent to New Delhi ?

A) Gurugram

B) Nandigram

C) Secunderabad

D) Dhanbad

Answer: A) Gurugram

19. Margaret Thatcher was a former Prime Minister of

A) New Zealand

B) Canada

C) Israel

D) England

Answer: D) England

20. The body of water between Russia and Alaska is

A) Panama Canal

B) Bering Strait

C) Suez Canal

D) Palk Strait

Answer: B) Bering Strait

21. Which of the following is not a sea-side city of India ?

A) Bengaluru

B) Chennai

C) Mumbai

D) Cochin

Answer: A) Bengaluru

22. Which of the following vehicles is exempted from NHAI Fastag Tolls ?

A) Ambulance

B) Petroleum Tanker

C) Private vehicles of Senior citizens

D) Personal vehicle of Defence personnel

Answer: A) Ambulance

23. The first modern theatre hall of Assam, the ‘Baan Theatre’ is located in

A) Guwahati

B) Jorhat

C) Tezpur

D) Nagaon

Answer: C) Tezpur

24. Which of the following countries is in South America ?

A) Somalia

B) Bolivia

C) Tasmania

D) Cambodia

Answer: B) Bolivia

25. In which movement during India’s struggle for independence was Kanaklata
Barua martyred ?

A) Non-Cooperation

B) Quit India

C) Sepoy Mutiny

D) Civil Disobedience

Answer: B) Quit India

26. Who was the first Indian to go to space ?

A) Kalpana Chawla

B) Vikram Sarabhai

C) Rakesh Sharma

D) Yuri Gagarin

Answer: C) Rakesh Sharma

27. Where is the Assam State Museum located ?

A) Majuli

B) Guwahati

C) Nagaon

D) Kohora

Answer: B) Guwahati

28. Who amongst the following is a newly inducted Cabinet Minister of Assam ?

A) Pizush Hazarika

B) Jayanta Malla Baruah

C) Ranoj Pegu

D) Ajanta Neog

Answer: B) Jayanta Malla Baruah

29. In which year did Doordarshan start colour television programme in India ?

A) 1991

B) 1985

C) 1980

D) 1982

Answer: D) 1982

30. What is the primary product of Boeing company ?

A) Aircrafts

B) Breakfast cereals

C) Shoes

D) Medicines

Answer: A) Aircrafts

31. Which of the following is NOT an element ?

A) Tin

B) Mercury

C) Iodine

D) Quartz

Answer: D) Quartz

32. Which one of the following sports does not use a ball ?

A) Golf

B) Lawn Tennis

C) Table Tennis

D) Badminton

Answer: D) Badminton

33. Which of the following is celebrated on May 8 every year ?

A) Environment Day

B) No Tobacco Day

C) Labour Day

D) Red Cross and Red Crescent Day

Answer: D) Red Cross and Red Crescent Day

34. Who was awarded the Ramon Magsaysay Award in 1994 in the category of
Government Service ?

A) Arvind Kejriwal

B) T.N. Seshan

C) Dr. Kiran Bedi

D) Chintaman D. Deshmukh

Answer: C) Dr. Kiran Bedi

35. Which of the following was the first artificial satellite of India ?

A) Bhaskara

B) Rohini

C) Aryabhatta


Answer: C) Aryabhatta

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